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Flirting Signals: How to Tell if They’re Interested

Flirting TipsIt’s Saturday night in a crowded bar and a couple are locked in a conversation. She’s laughing, batting her eyelashes and playing with her hair. He’s standing with his head tilted slightly, leaning in toward her and occasionally touching her arm. It’s a social ritual that’s been around for centuries — it’s called flirting.

Flirting is one of the great joys in life. It’s an ego booster that makes you feel more attractive and ignites those flutters in the tummy. It offers the other person a glimpse of your best and most attractive characteristics.

But how do you know if that person you’ve been flirting with all night is really into you? Even if you are chatting about the weather, there are ways to know.


Signals He Sends When He’s Interested

  • Grooming: Adjusting or stroking his tie, fiddling with his collar or hand combing his hair;
  • Loosening: Partly unbuttoning his shirt or loosening his tie;
  • Eyebrow Flash: Raising his eyebrows and flashing them upward;
  • Arm Guide: Walking you through a room with his arm around the small of your back;
  • Head Tilt: Standing with his head cocked slightly to one side;
  • and Walk: It becomes strong and determined — like he knows where he’s going.

Signals She Sends When She’s Interested:

  • Smiles: Lots of them. If she laughs at your jokes, too, she really likes you;
  • Eye Linger: Holding your gaze signals a strong sexual interest;
  • Lip Lick: Licking or biting her lips or running her tongue across her front teeth draws your attention to her mouth;
  • Touch and Lean: Leaning forward and touching your arm is her way of bestowing affection on you.
  • Fondle: Playing with jewelry;
  • and Kick and Thrust: Crossing one leg over the other and pointing it toward you or kicking it out and up while leaning forward.

Signals You Both Send:

  • Accidental touches
  • Leaning forward
  • Eye contact
  • Smiles
  • Open body position

Being a skillful flirt is all about using the correct body language and the right amount of attitude. Practice flirting. It is a learned behavior. It’s not only possible to pick up the basics, but with a little practice — you can perfect the art.

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