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Tips for Instant Attraction

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How quickly can you click with someone? Instantaneously? Good news: according to a recent Stanford University study, the answer is: It doesn’t take long.

Meaningful bonds can be formed even after just a brief period of time revealed the study published in the American Journal of Sociology. The key to these connections? In part, the expression of understanding, engagement, and enthusiasm, which underscores the fact that, yes, words (and how they’re delivered) do matter — especially in dating.

The findings emphasize the importance of communication, which trumps other characteristics such as physical attractiveness, status, and intelligence when building an initial rapport. After all, searching for a suitable mate isn’t just about meeting the right person, it’s about finding common ground and nurturing that relation once you do make that fortuitous encounter.

Though you might want to impress your potential mate by dressing your best or touting your credentials, ultimately, the most crucial factor on a first date is the interaction that plays out between you. So maybe he’s climbed Kilimanjaro twice or she graduated top of her class and still manages to make a killer roast. But if there’s no alignment of interests, than the connection is far from forged between singles.

So how does that translate into relationship advice for the rest of us? First impressions do count, but before running down your list of compatibility criteria, shift your attention to shared experiences, listen carefully, be a mirror of empathy.

As the study shows, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to set off a spark — yet those few moments can turn into true love everlasting.

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