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Up Your Game with “Dating” Business Cards

You know what you want in a car or the dimensions of a TV. You have zeroed in on your Sleep Number and only purchase medium toothbrushes. You know what makes you comfortable at home and efficient while at work.

However, dating the one area where people flounder when it comes to reaching beyond their comfort zone. A lot of people are unhappy with their dating life.  In a world that is obsessed with having the world at our fingertips, the dating scene has morphed to keep up with the ever-changing technological shifts and it is no where near maximizing efficiency.

Rather than waiting to see if Mr./Miss Right would give them a ring, people are taking matters into their own smart phones. They are able to research a potential date via Google, view social media or dating profiles and weed out those who don’t meet their basic criteria.

If it sounds more like HR sifting through job applications, that’s because the dating landscape has mutated. People are no longer waiting for fate or serendipty to step up to the plate but are being proactive about their dating life. Singles are treating their love life as a business — investing time and money to bump up the efficiency number without taking them out of a comfort zone.

Whether you are connecting with people you met online or at a speed dating event, singles are “interviewing” potential mates several times a week. Even chance encounters on the bus during the morning commute or while ordering your latte at the local coffee shop is seen as a “pre-screening” opportunity to get your foot into the dating door.

In order to keep your dating life separate from your daily life, it may be wise to invest in “dating” cards.  These little personalized cards contain methods of contacting you that does not interfere with your “normal” life. For many, this includes a first name, phone number and an email address.

In fact, many people choose to create a new email address dedicated just to their dating life, in order to keep things simple and separate. It’s a good idea to limit the amount of information you disclose to first dates or encounters.

One other thing to have on your “dating” card is your picture. This will help the other person connect your face to your name. Remember, the person you give your card to is meeting and “interviewing” potential matches, just like you.

The bonus is that handing someone your “dating” card is a less threatening way of putting the ball in their court. If you find you’re just too shy to go over an d strike up a conversation, or perhaps it’s too noisy, then put the card into action. Write a short note on the back. Say something like, “The noise makes it difficult to talk, but I’d really like to meet you. You can reach me at ______.”

Make dating a bit easier — get some dating cards.

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