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9 Signs for Recognizing Mr. or Mrs. Right

Finding Mr. Or Mrs. RightIs romance in the air for you this winter? From the sparkling lights to the merry gathering of friends, December can be a month of warmth, happiness and good cheer.

It’s also the most popular time of the year to get engaged. About 16 percent of all proposals happen this month. With the spirit of the holidays in overdrive, it is easy to lose your focus when it comes to the person you have been seeing for the past couple months.

Before you choose to commit to someone, make sure you are in a good place. Don’t try to force a relationship to move faster than it should just because the mistletoe has been hung. Attending an office party solo is better than being pushed into happy coupledom before you are ready.

Here are nine signs for recognizing Mr. or Mrs. Right. If you have seven or eight, this could be it.

  • You listen to each other.
  • You have great chemistry.
  • He or she is a cheerleader for your hopes and dreams.
  • You tell them what you want in a relationship and he or she steps up to the plate.
  • Your partner is genuine, trustworthy and understanding
  • You can both compromise and work together to resolve disputes
  • You have a similar approach to life (values, morals, goals).
  • Your partner shows you kindness, consideration and respect.
  • You are focused on each other, not looking around for something better.

And since relationshps are two-way streets, you need to be all of these back.

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