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Set Your Dating Goals

Get Noticed on Dating SitesDo you know where you will be professionally in three years? Do you have a plan on how to save for that upcoming summer vacay?

We all have events or milestones we want to achieve in our lifetimes such as losing those few extra pounds before the twenty-year high school reunion, getting the mystery novel out of your head and into your laptop or winning the local curling bonspiel.

The path towards these achievements are marked with specific and actionable goals. And your dating life should be no different.

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to sit down with a cup of Joe and reflect on all the events in your dating life during 2013. Then, try to envision how the upcoming year could be different.

I know. It sounds a bit insensitive to tackle your dating life as you do your bank account or the vision board hanging in your cubicle which charts your path to promotion. However, spending a bit of self-reflection time on your dating life will pay off big in the matters of the heart.

Here are a few dating goal setting tips:

Be Specific
Your brain’s default language is images. The more vivid or descriptive you are in setting your dating goals, the more likely your brain will latch on to close encounters of the romantic kind. Skip the “I want a boyfriend/girlfriend” line and get detailed on what it is you want in a potential heart match. Go wild. It’s your dream guy/gal.

Get Out There
You can sit on the sidelines and hope to cross paths with Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful or jump into the deep end. Perhaps make a goal to introduce yourself to someone new EVERY DAY. Every time you step out of your house or daily routine, you open the doors to meeting someone new.

Try, Try And Try Again
As with a promotion or weight loss, you have to work for it. It rarely falls into your lap.  If you want a life partner, it’s okay to work towards that goal as you would anything else you want in your life. Put in the effort if you want a bit of reward in the love department.

And remember that dating is meant to be fun. Don’t be too hard on yourself when things don’t turn out the way you want. Each new encounter sets off a domino effect that generates new opportunities.

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