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Learn. Grow. Date.

Is He She the OneA common mistake I see professional singles make is their rush to settle down. They want to get past the awkward dating part and move right into relationship bliss. They settle for the first somewhat compatible person who comes along. One word comes to mind: disaster.

The dating experience can be a fantastic teacher. The process shows you what you want in a partner and reveals what you have to offer someone in return. By observing yourself, you gain new insights into how you react in different situations, with different people.

The goal of dating is simply to get to know someone better.  That’s it. With each encounter, you are weighing chemistry, feelings and intuition to see whether or not you want to see them again.

Your best bet is to have fun and focus on making a new friend. Date with the intention of expanding your friendship circles rather then meeting “the one” over lattes.

While on your date, pay attention to what you might discover. Dating is a journey, not the end destination. Even if a date doesn’t turn into a full-blown romance, there is amble time to discover little gems about what you want in someone and a relationship. Learn. Grow. Date

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