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Summer Date Ideas

Summer Date Night Ideas“Summer lovin’, had me a blast
Summer lovin’, happened so fast
Met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days drifting away
To, uh oh, those summer nights”
— “Summer Nights” from Grease

Long days, warm nights and that special someone. Summer opens the door to a wide variety of events, venues and activities to spark a romance and make chemistry sizzle.

Here are some of our favorite date ideas to turn up the heat and make this summer one to remember:

1) Movies Under the Stars
Drive-ins have slowly dwindled but that doesn’t mean you can’t get cozy with your date under the stars. A laptop, Netflix and a bucket of popcorn turns any patio or backyard into your own personal movie under the stars adventure.

2) Backyard Camping
Sometimes its hard to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. If you are looking to add a bit more spice to your relationship but not willing to jump into the deep end of an actual weekend trip, a backyard overnight may be the ticket for you. All you need is a tent, flashlight, sleeping bags and a sense of adventure. Don’t have a backyard? Try the porch or patio.

3) Breakfast Picnic
Many people pack up sandwiches or fried chicken for an lunch picnic. But you can take it up a notch with a breakfast spread.One weekend morning, I saw a girl set up a card table in the middle of a public park. She then pulled out a tupperware container of pancakes for her and her partner.¬† This gives you a chance to enjoy the outdoors before everyone is up and it’s not quite as warm. Besides, it can set the tone for the rest of the day.

4) Food Truck Tastings
From BBQ to grilled cheese creations, food trucks offer a wide variety of tasty menu items. Apps like Roaming Hunger can highlight where your city’s best food trucks call home. Plan a walking tour to sample some of the divine edibles they offer.

5) Cure for the Afternoon Slump
It’s easy to start feeling antsy in the afternoon — especially when the sun is shining¬† bright and the reports on your desk are boring you to tears. Schedule a smoothie break or even dessert break with your sweetie. Have them meet you at a bench in a local park. Seeing their smile and sharing a sweet afternoon treat will pump up your spirits and your chemistry.

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