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Throwback Thursday: Dating in the 80s & Now

Dating in the 80s and NowDo you remember getting the digits of your crush and waiting until the appropriate time (after dinner but before prime time) to call them? If you didn’t get them on the line, it was absolute torture waiting for them to ring you back. If the line was busy, you kept trying and trying up until prime time.

Or how about only having your friends to help you figure out what to wear or what to say on your first date? You’re only source of information was what your bestie gathered from the kid she sat next to in science that had a locker across the hall from your crush.

If your significant other was moving abroad for college, it meant an end to a 3 year old relationship. There was no Skype, email or even cell phones to keep in touch with someone that lived past the state line.

Dating was pretty difficult back then. Today, we’ve got a million dating sites, Skype for long distance contact, the ability to meet strangers via apps! Yes, dating is indubitably much easier now, as there are no communication constraints.

While technology has allowed us to make new connections and maintain old ones from afar, some people feel that it has slowly eroded romance. Most people are able to Google the specifics or see their work history on LinkenIn that once were discovered via conversation while dating.  The bonds that were created by layering dates, information, time together are sped up by Internet access, instant notifications and constant contact.

No matter how much we hate to admit it, technology has definitely impacted the ‘excitement’ factor of a first date. Romantic gestures such as sending flowers from a different state or planning a surprise birthday party mean nothing anymore, as you can simply log on to the millions of services online that can do that for you with the tap of a button.

Does that mean all hope is lost when it comes to love? Nope. It just means that when it comes to connecting with your crush, it’s best to do it face to face. Here are a couple of tips for going old school with your new romance:

1) Skip the Hourly Updates
Avoid constant connection through the day. Let him tell you about his day at the end of it rather than through digital updates as it happens. Get the full story when you can see their smile, their reaction and hear their tone. When you can focus on them.

2) Limit Couple Sharing
Instead of sharing your time together on various social media outlets, reserve some one-on-one time with one another. Treat your time together as sacred, precious moments. Just the two of you. No selfies.

3) Plan a Date Sans Phone
Often times, a date nowadays is two people with their technology of choice on the table between them. Plan a date where technology isn’t part of the agenda. Go roller skating, build sand castles on the beach or ride bikes on the sea wall.

Perhaps going back to the 80s for a bit of romance isn’t such a bad idea.

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