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Dating Rule to Break: Playing Games

GirlOnPhone I know. I’m starting to sound like a broken record. But here it is once more time:

Dating is about getting to know the other person better and to find out if you want to see them again. That’s it. Simple right? Well, that’s where it get complicated.

According to an article on Psychology Today, singles play those hard to get games such as odd time frames for calling a crush, who should say “I love you” first or how you should pretend that you weren’t waiting on pins and needles for their text. The article, “Six Dating Rules You Should Break,” states “this is about self-protection and not exposing yourself to possible rejection. The problem is that partnership and love are built on a foundation of being capable of emotional vulnerability.”

If you want to call the guy after your first date or text how much fun you had with a girl, give into the urge.  It not only shows you are willing to be emotionally vulnerable (drop dead sexy trait) but you are also into spontaneity. You go with your emotions. You are comfortable with expressing yourself and your wants. All of these are positive dating traits.

In addition, if you present a fake exterior, you are not showing the hot ticket you really are. You deny yourself the opportunity for someone to meet the real you.

In short, there is inherent value in being yourself. If you feel it, say it. Make the world a better place.


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