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Halloween Party Guide for Singles

Halloween Date TipsCould your future mate be behind that Jason mask? Is the Game of Thrones character your soul mate in disguise?

According to an It’s Just Lunch survey, forty-six percent (46%) of singles think there is potential to find your match on Halloween and that the ghoulish holiday is the perfect occasion to meet singles.

While getting fixed up by friends and co-workers or surfing dating sites is a traditional approach to finding a soul mate, stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying some new dating avenues (such as a Halloween bash) expands your possibilities and increases your confidence ten-fold.

So, how do you go about catching Little Red Riding Hood’s eye through a sea of creatures? How do you strike up a conversation with the sexy vampire? You’re in luck. Here are a few tips for getting your flirt on this All Hallows Eve:

1) Look for the Why & How
Flirting is about getting to know someone else. People love it when you ask questions that let them show you who they are. Most people will only inquire about the surface things, such as “Great costume.” “Love the outfit.” Take it a step further by asking them WHY they chose the costume they did or HOW they ended up coming up with that unique idea. It will add interest on their part and set you apart from the other party goers and their one liners.

2) Tell It Like It Is
Being vulnerable and honest, even from behind the Jason mask, is the slam-dunk, sexiest thing a man or woman can be. Go beyond “It’s just something I threw together” with “She was my favorite character in ‘Firefly’. I admire her strength and sense of duty.” Be revealing about yourself while in costume.

3) Listen Attentively
Being a good listener is a potent aphrodisiac and an excellent ingredient for weaving your magic. Everyone loves the feeling of being fully seen — and heard.

4) Make Meaningful Eye Contact & Smile
This 1-2 punch transports these simple actions from the realm of friendship to the world of flirting. Let your eyes linger on his/hers while you are talking and smile.

5) Laugh
One of the best ways to demonstrate your sense of humor is by appreciating the other persons.

6) Be Enthusiastic
when flirting, you want the person you are flirting with to feel good about you and to experience you as a fun, happy, great-to-be-with person. Enjoy the encounter — no matter what happens. If you seem like you’re glad to be mixing and mingling with the creatures of the night — they will be also.

7) Go In For The Lean
Lean forward to convey interest — this is easy to do over the background noise of music and conversation.

8) Be Open and Accessible
Smiling and talking to various people (meaning: break free from your pack) sends the signal that you are approachable.

9) Avoid Costumes with Heavy Makeup or Too Bulky
Costumes that take up space, such as any made from boxes, are difficult to maneuver in. Plus, it keeps potential matches at a distance – literally.

10) Don’t Avoid the People in Masks
It may be easy to avoid people wearing masks or those you can’t get a good luck at. Often times, the unknown can hid some of the best treasures. Embrace your wild side and take adventage of the costume.

Above all else, have fun. You never know when cupid will strike. As long as you keep your expectations in check. Go with the intention of making a friend rather than expecting to meet your life partner. You’ll have more fun and experience way less performance anxiety.

Happy Halloween!

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