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Key to First Date Success from Parents Words of Wisdom

First Date Success TipsGrowing up, our parents tried to install some social etiquette into our programming with little nuggets of wisdom.  You know the ones:

  • “Don’t run with scissors.”
  • “Sit up straight.”
  • “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”
  • “Don’t spit gum into your sister’s hair.”

For the most part, these little shared insights was so that they weren’t the parents of “that kid” in the neighborhood. But there are a few golden words of wisdom that can help further your chances of dating success.

Listen Up
Being a good listener is a powerful aphrodisiac. Your aim during lunch, dinner or drinks after work is to learn more about your date. Ask questions about them and listen to their responses. Follow up with more in depth questions.

However, please note that this should not make your date feel like they are being interrogated. Be willing to share anecdotes, stories or items of interest about yourself. Aim for about 50% of dialogue time.

Please & Thanks Yous
My mom referred to it as “your best behavior” while others said “be polite” or asked their child “where their manners” were. Common courtesy goes a long way to wooing your date. A little extra here scores you big first impression points.

Treat Others as You Want to Be Treated
This falls under the “first impression” category. If you are rude or discourteous to other people, the wait staff or jump the que at the dance hall, your date will notice. Be decent to others.

Be Yourself
Mixing things up isn’t a bad thing on a date. If you are not the fine dining type, go with you love of food carts and outdoor movies. It will make you feel more comfortable and thus make the whole awkwardness of dating fade away.

Pay Attention
You are on a date to get to know another person. Keep your eyes focused on them and your attention off the bar TV, waitress/waiter or your phone. If you aren’t focused on your date, how can you date get a sense of who you really are? How will you know anything about him or her?
Plus, paying attention shows your interest in them which makes them more interested in you.

Granted, the first date can be awkward and intimidating — if you let it. Remember the basics from your parents and you will score points with the other person for good first impression. And, in dating, that’s really what is needed to score a second date.

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