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Keeping Your Dating Spirits Bright During the Holiday Season

DatingConnections‘Tis the season for love, generosity, joy to the world and peace on earth — unless you are in the dating world. The hassle of holiday shopping, office parties, friend get togethers and family gatherings can leave you feeling spent. Add to that first date jitters and encounters lacking in chemistry and what you have is seasonal stress that leaves you feeling like Old Ebenezer Scrooge.

Here’s the breaking news: Dating can and should be lots of fun. The key to keeping your spirits bright during the holiday season lies in your perspective. Here are a few ways to shift your humbug feeling towards finding your match to make it a holidating season to remember:

1) Give Back
No matter where you live, there are charitable organizations who would welcome a new volunteer with open arms.  In addition to daily, weekly or monthly events and activities where they need manpower, many charities also host networking and fundraising events that bring all of their volunteers together. Get out and do some good and maybe you’ll meet a like-minded philanthropist along the way.

Plus, recent research suggests that doing something good for someone else gives our own esteem a boost. Feeling better about yourself will only add to your confidence when you do meet your match.

2) Practice the Fine Art of Gratitude
It is normal to feel overwhelmed and like there just isn’t anyone out there for you. It is easy to slip into focusing on what you lack in your love life department, especially with Aunt Myrtle’s questions regarding your luck in this area. Instead of zeroing in on what you don’t have, focus on what you do. Positive psychology research reveals that expressing gratitude (appreciating what you have and not focusing on what you lack) is a great way to tap into your optimistic side. Count your blessings — not your complaints. Seeing things through a lens of gratitude has a way of making the positive replicate.

3) See the Positive in Your Date
When dating, it is easy to spot your personal deal breakers in your date before the first course arrives. Sometimes these preferences are a bit too limiting or so rigid that we don’t have any room to explore new people or new ideas. Being open minded in dating is important. By looking beyond your height requirement and focusing on their sense of humour, your ideal match may be revealed. Take a trip outside of your comfort zone. It will be worth it.

4) Spend It With Loved Ones
Frantically spending time with strangers, blind dates or those you met on the Internet, can deplete your energy. Taking time to spend some one-on-one with people who already know and adore you can add a spark to the dating routine. It will raise your spirits and ground the craziness of dating.

It’s a season of caring and giving. It’s the season of goodwill, even for daters. Be kind. Be courteous. Enjoy what the moment has to offer.


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