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Look Beyond the ‘Stache: Seeing the Positive in Everyone

Mustache Movember Man DatingNot a fan of facial hair, you find yourself on a first date with a Tom Selleck look-a-like. While the man seems charming, there is that part of you that thinks it is too bad that he has yet to move away from the 70s look. You’re not the type that enjoys smooching a scrubbie.

A few weeks later your paths cross with Mr. ‘Stache, only to notice that he is missing his dated facial trademark. You wonder if you made the right decision to avoid his phone calls and texts.

Movember may have inspired the story above as men worldwide take on a new look by sporting facial hair to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues, but there is a dating lesson to be learned.

Dating can be frustrating. As you meet new person after new person, it can be easy to focus on what they lack than positive aspects. The mustache stands out or their height is a deal breaker. You may zero in on their size or the laugh.

Give your date the benefit of the doubt and look beyond what they may lack or perhaps something you aren’t a fan of to see the genuine person they are. Even if you don’t want to see them a second time, take one positive aspect away from the date. Pick a quality or characteristic that you liked, admired or would like to find in a future partner.

While first impressions are important, and your time is precious, there is a point to giving a person a chance. A lot of people suffer from first date jitters. In fact, fear is the number one cause for first date disasters and often leads to over-talking or out-of-character shyness. There is good in everyone and finding it may be the secret to enjoying the dating process.


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