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Tips to Prepare for Spring Romance

Spring Dating Tips - Romance SeasonI will admit that I am getting a bit antsy for spring to roll in. It doesn’t help that the temperatures are on the rise and the sun is shining a bit more during the day.

But spring also happens to be one of my favorite dating seasons (the other being fall), especially since we are no longer dressed head-to-toe in wool.

Spring is the time to shed the extra layers, make an effort to venture out of our homes to enjoy the sunshine and make a clean sweep of all our previous dating attempts.

So, while the official start of spring doesn’t kickoff until March 20th, here are a few tips to make sure love blossoms for you this season:

1) The Sun Comes Out Tomorrow
Negative views on love tend to sour any relationship. Take stock of your views when it comes to matters of the heart. Learn to separate past experiences from future romances or love itself. Believe that the best is yet to come, the sun will come out tomorrow and jump into the dating scene with a positive outlook!

2) Get Current With Yourself
We grow. We change. It’s human nature. It stands to reason that we may need to update who you’ve become since your last adventure into the dating scene. You’ve had new experiences that have impacted you. Make sure you know the current you, what it is you want out of life and a partner. If you don’t know, how will you know if you find him or her?

3) What is a Date Anyway?
Saying “yes” to a date isn’t committing yourself to a lifetime with the person. A date is an hour or two of your time in which you decide whether you want to see the other person for a second (third, fourth) time. That is it. Accept that hiking date or venture to the Farmer’s Market. The worse case scenario is that you get some extra Vitamin D. The best? You find that special someone lurking by the carrot stand.

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