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Key to Dating: Possibility Thinking

Possibility Thinking Positivity DatingNot everybody has a positive outlook when it comes to being single. In fact, there are some out there that are down right negative about dating. If this is you, you may want to take a look at how you could be sabotaging your own chances and why shifting from “Yeah, but . . .” to “What If . . .” thinking could enhance your dating life.

It wasn’t that long ago that positive thinking was all the rage. Talk shows, best sellers and blogs promoted the benefits at looking at the sunny side of things.

What this did was shine the light on the fact that our reality isn’t dependent upon what happens to us but what we choose to embrace.  Everyone is in control of their actions and reactions. The ability to see the possibility in any given situation is within each of us.

Shifting your perspective to one of possibilities broadens our horizons and allows us to dream bigger. It’s looking beyond what is to what something could be. It’s about not seeing the battles ahead or the bumps in the road but what is possible with every coffee bar encounter or first date.

Start by putting your negative connections with dating behind you. Bad relationships and horrible first dates are in the past and can’t be fixed now. Focus on the future and make a promise to give yourself the time to enjoy the dating process.

Approach dating as not just looking for an important relationship but as enjoying life. You will meet interesting people if you just keep you mind open to the “what if . . .” opportunities.

Look for one positive aspect in each encounter or luncheon date. Picka a quality or characteristic that you would like in your future mate — even if you weren’t attracted to the person.

Think “What If . . .” and imagine outlandish results, ideas or connections prior to going on a date. Seth Godin, marketing guru, defines “going to the edge” as taking an idea to the extreme of possibility and working back from there to areas of thought and creativity that are more reasonable. Dream big but keep your expectations in check.

The idea here is to open up your dating world to what could be out there — rather than viewing your single status or dating as a hardship.

Start your next dating adventure now! See where it takes you!

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