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Playing It Cool Will Add Frost to Possible Relationship

Is He She the OneDoes he like me? Will she call? What do I do if he/she does?

We’ve all been there. You are trying to gauge their interest and yours at the same time. You want to express your interest, but your a bit hesitant to make your intentions known. What if they don’t feel the same? Oh, what if they do?

It is a bit nerve-wrecking during the early stages of a potential relationship as things evolve slowly. How do you convey interest without conveying too much? The solution is simple, albeit scary. Be your honest, vulnerable self.

Playing it cool after a first date or during the early stages will only add confusion to the situation.  The other person’s natural reaction is to pull back to protect their feelings from being hurt. Which in turn will cause you to step back. Before you know it, what was a spark has fizzled to frost.

If you’ve had a good time and you really like them, don’t be afraid to say so! Be as enthusiastic as you feel. Show them! Pull out your iPad and put her name on her schedule. Make the other person a priority.

Remember, dating is about getting to know each other better. It’s awfully hard to do that with walls and barriers.

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