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The Positive Spin of Awkward First Dates

Positive Spin on Awkward First DatesAny single will tell you, not all dates are created equal. Everyone has at least one personal episode of the “Date from Hell” or several for some of those less fortunate.

At the time, it may be hard to see the positive side of a less that stellar encounter. The truth of it is, bad dates can teach us a lot about ourselves and what we want out of a relationship. Putting a positive spin on the date from hell will help keep our perspective from spiraling into Negative Nelly territory.

Here’s how:

1) Practice. Practice. Practice.
The truth of it is, we probably aren’t the guy or girl of our first date’s dreams either. But working on our charm, table manners and listening skills will make us easier to spot when The One does sit down across from us. Social skills are a muscle that needs to be worked, flexed and challenged to grow.

2) Meet Someone New
So, he isn’t Mr. Wonderful, but that doesn’t mean he can’t introduce you to the person who is. Dating, like work, is better with connections. By building bridges, you build better connections and a wider circle of friends. Burn bridges, and you could find yourself short of resources.

3) Will Recognize Mr./Mrs. Perfect When You Do Meet Them
It’s rare that we find our soul mate on the first date. In fact, many singles see the bad date almost as a right of passage to finding The One. The truly cynic think that we are just happy to find someone normal, that average starts to look like a Prince. Personally, I like to think that when The One enters your world, you recognize them and appreciate them for the traits and characteristics that you have come to adore.

4) Better Understanding Of Ourselves
Often times, the trait or characteristic that repels us from others is one of our own. Perhaps a little bit of self reflection may highlight something you want to work on or could avoid in future interactions (bashing the ex?).

Dating is what you make of it. If you make the most of the situation, you will get the most of out of it.




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