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Reaching Out After Losing Touch

Reaching Out after Losing TouchHave you ever met that special someone who lingers in my mind long after the first date.

Perhaps work demanded your attention or you had a family emergency that put your pursuit of love on hold. Maybe you just weren’t ready for a relationship at that time. No matter the case,

We’ve all been in that situation where you just can’t stop thinking about the one who could have been.

Oh, you know the one. That special someone who lingers in the back of your mind long after your last encounter. The one who you occasionally think of calling but quickly talk yourself out of it.

Perhaps work demanded your attention and it feels awkward to send a “Hey, what’s up?” text (note: not a great idea). Or a family emergency put the brakes on your pursuit of love. Maybe you just weren’t ready for a relationship.

Sadly, this happens more than you think. One of our clients recently confided in our matchmakers that she was thinking about a man she went on a date with OVER A YEAR AGO. The woman felt that at the time they clicked but she wasn’t sure about the next step and let to much time lapse before reaching out to him. Eventually days turned to weeks, which became months. She knew she missed out but didn’t know what to do about it.

With a little bit of support from the It’s Just Lunch matchmaker team, she reached out to him. As it turns out, he was also thinking about her and how he may have dropped the ball in the game of love with her.

The good news is, the two of them recently went out and had a fantastic time. Both of them are looking to move things forward.

So, what is the best way to taking that first step in reaching out to someone? Here are three easy ways to make the initial awkward exchange the first step towards romance:

1) Acknowledge the lapse in time
Ignoring the long-term communication gap is like ignoring the elephant in the room. You both know it is there. Clear the air. Give some context about why it fizzled between the two of you. Acknowledge it so that you both can move forward.

2) Explain the “Why now?”
There are an infinite amount of reasons people want to reconnect with friends, family or coworkers. Tell your special person why you are seeking them out. Be honest. Up front. This is a vulnerable space to be in, but they will be touched by the sentiment and the honest.

3) Throw Out a Date Idea
Call them with a purpose. Whether it is an upcoming concert you think they may dig or even just a coffee to touch bases. Have something in mind.

Reaching out to someone can be daunting. It is showing your cards to someone who may very well respond in the negative. However, I think it is best to know than always wonder “what if.”


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