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Working on You is the Easiest Way to Find the One

Work On You Before DatingRelationships have never been easy. They have been fodder for advice columns in newspapers, magazine horoscopes, Cosmopolitan magazine quizzes and hot topics on talk shows. If they were easy, we would not have a self-help are in bookstores.

Singles ask “what’s wrong with me” or search Google for tips on how to “attract your dream girl.” Blogs, articles and forums claim to have the secret on how you can get your dream mate “with this one tip.”

After all the quick fixes, top five lists and products that promise to win your next date over, I have come to realize that the answer isn’t out there to be read, bought or used.

It’s in you.

The truth of it is, people who are happy in their relationships (even when single) spend time and energy working on themselves. Their self-development plan isn’t to get their dream guy or girl — it is to be a better person.  They aren’t trying to morph into the mold of the perfect mate. They are trying to be the best person they can be.

Turn your focus on you and over time, you will attract the right person for you.

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