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New Year, New You: 5 Ways to Revamp Your Dating Life

Revamp yOur Dating LifeEvery January, singles all over the world flock to the internet in hopes of kickstarting a dormant love life.  In fact, the weeks after the New Years holiday, many dating websites have consistently reported significant increases in membership and usage during the month of January.

To help more singles stay on track with their dating goals as we roll into 2016, IJL Elite matchmakers have compiled a list of ways you can supercharge your love life and hit the ground running all year long.

Cut Your Losses, Move On
There’s no sense beating a dead horse. If something isn’t working out for you, then summon up the courage to walk away from the situation. Leave the past behind, hold no regrets, and learn from your mistakes. You may not be able to control how someone reacts to you, but you have all the power when you control how you react to someone else, no matter how badly they may have wronged you in the past. Take responsibility for your actions and your role in your situation. Learn from it and move on.

Create a Personal Motto
The advertising world is filled with all sorts of mottos and gimmicks promoting various products and services. Start seeing yourself as a valuable hot commodity and create a new motto for yourself that reflects what kind of person you would like to be for someone special. Turn your motto into a morning manifesto you say to yourself while you’re brushing your teeth or driving to your next date. It’s about being positive and proactive.

Embrace Your Social Side Once a Week
If dating is really a numbers game, then a little simple math would reveal that the more you plant yourself into situations where you are most likely to meet people, the more chances you’ll have at a relationship with your ideal partner. Make it a point to do something social at least once a week, whether it’s attending a speed dating event or meeting up with friends for a live show.

Get Out of the Dating Ruts with New Experiences
While some professional singles still opt for the traditional dinner date or long walk along the beach, other singles are getting bored with the typical dating routine. Dare to be bold by focusing every first date on having fun and sharing a new experience together while getting to know each other instead of focusing the dating on getting to know each other while doing something as mundane as drinking coffee.

Take Up New Hobbies or Volunteer Opportunities
The fastest and easiest way to meet new people is to join a local club where you’re most likely to meet people with your similar interests. If you’re looking for a date with someone who has a warm heart and loves kids, then look for volunteer opportunities at a youth organization where you’re more likely to meet that kind of person.

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Here’s to a great new year for singles everywhere!

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