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Call Me to Make 2016 Your Best Dating Year!

Use a Matchmaker to Make 2016 Best Dating YearMy Facebook feed on New Year’s Day was full of hope that 2016 would be an awesome year. They are going to shed those few pounds, stub out their smoking habit or make reading one book a month a literary habit.

What about your love life? Many people don’t post their goals for finding the one, but it ranks up there as one of the most popular new year goals. If you’re single and interested in making this year your best one yet, let personalized matchmaking help you reach that goal.

What is Personalized Matchmaking?

Matchmaking takes the personal legwork out of dating by outsourcing “the search” for interesting, like-minded individuals. As your professional matchmaker, it is my job to hand-select matches for you based upon the information given during your initial interview. I also take into consideration the on-going feedback received from you after every date, as dating is a fine tuning process! I’m interested in your desires, goals and what motivates you. Then, I utilize that data combined with my experience and instincts to keep improving your matches.

Who Uses Personalized Matchmakers?

Singles who are short on time, looking to extend their dating circle and looking for a more serious relationship.

Did you know it takes over TEN HOURS of online dating browsing, texting, chatting before you go on ONE DATE. Even then, there is no guarantee that will be with someone who is interesting and you connect with without Wi-Fi. As I stated before, let me do searching and hand-select a match that you find interesting without the hours of browsing.

I have a lot of clients who are very active in the community and in the business world who come to me specifically because they don’t want to date within those circles. It’s too uncomfortable or too many gray areas. I get that. Let me introduce you to people will similar goals, interests and likes who are outside your circle of friends but within my database.

Singles who are ready to make a serious commitment reach out to matchmakers. They are looking to go beyond the “just looking for fun” relationships to someone looking to settle down. They are looking for the one. Just like you.

Sound amazing? Well, here’s what you do next . . . CONTACT ME!
Fill out the form on our website to become one of the IJL Elite or to DATE THE ELITE (no cost!)  or 1-800-941-1088 to schedule a discreet, confidential interview. I want to learn about you and determine what you are looking for in a potential partner. I work directly with busy professionals that are looking for “The One.” Our clients range from mid-20s to upper 60s. They are of various ethnic and religious backgrounds, education levels and professions.

Let’s make 2016 your best year yet. Let’s get started now! Contact me at IJLElite.ca or 1-800-941-1088.

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