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Don’t Wait! Put Yourself Out There in 2016

Put Yourself Out There Elite DatingHow do you approach your dating life? Do you take advantage of the chances opportunity throws your way? Or do you want quietly on the sidelines for someone to take notice of you and all the gifts your have to offer?

Perhaps 2016 is about opening yourself up, taking some risks and putting yourself out there in the dating world.

The key is to avoid the “wait to be asked” mentality. Don’t wait for someone to ask you to go to the movies, have a turn at the karaoke mix or share your thoughts on gelato flavors.

If you wait, you may never be invited. It also means you are going to miss out on chances to grow, share, laugh and have fun. You will miss meeting the one or making a new friend. Waiting shuts the door on “what if” . . .

Put yourself out there. Take risks. Ask the person out. Change your dating future.

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