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First Dates on Valentine’s Day? Absolutely!

First Dates on Valentine's DayIs Valentine’s Day a good time for a first date?

Short answer — absolutely.

One of the most loved as well as hated holidays, Valentine’s Day can be a mixed bag for singles bombarded with media images of love, mushy Facebook postings and the pressures to meet the perfect match.

In fact, the pressure of February 14th can be so great that, just to avoid the whole thing, more than a third of single men surveyed by It’s Just Lunch said they avoid being in a relationship between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. How sad.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, half of the people that venture out on Valentine’s Day are single. You are increasing your chances of meeting someone by just getting out of the house and out from in front of the computer.

Should You Ask Someone Out On A First Date For Valentine’s Day?
According to an It’s Just Lunch Survey, 41% of men said no way. Women, on the other hand, seem to have a different opinion.  62% of women said, “Sure, why not?” So, take a chance and ask that girl out!

When Should You Ask Someone Out on a Valentine’s Day Date?
A third of women expect a Valentine’s Day date after they have been dating one month. If you’ve been dating three to six, it is reasonable to expect to exchange gifts and enjoy a good dinner together. At six months, consider slightly bigger romantic gestures. I’m not talking about busting out the bling but going to a nicer restaurant and more sentimental gifts beyond chocolate and flowers.

TIP: Plan ahead. Women appreciate known that you put forth some effort into your planning.  Even a last minute date can be special by investing some creative thought!

Whether it is drinks with friends or hanging with your sister, the best thing you can do this holiday is get out and into the mix. Have fun. The more fun you are having, the more attractive you will be to wondering eyes.

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