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Ask a Matchmaker: Debunking Valentine’s Day Myths

Valentines Day Myths DebunkedIt’s often branded as a holiday that is reserved for couples only. Men usually become flustered at having to plan something for someone they may have seen only once or twice, while women worry as to whether or not they’ll receive flowers, chocolate, or even a date invitation on Valentine’s Day. But is any of this really true? Or is it just media hype?

Is it important to give/receive a gift on Valentine’s Day, even if you’ve only gone on a couple of dates?
Surprisingly, BOTH men and woman are in agreement that gift giving doesn’t need to happen until you’ve known each other for a while — think over three months.

Flowers and Chocolate? Meh.
A nice gesture, true, but available at any convenience store or roadside stand. Why not make Valentine’s Day a bit more interesting, especially if you have hit the three month marker. Flowers may be nice but a gift certificate for an activity the two of you can share is guaranteed to melt her heart. After all, if you’re getting to know each other a fun activity can help build that early connection.

Dining out at a restaurant a great recipe for romance? Not exactly.
Fine dining is one of life’s great pleasures, but let’s be honest: it’s not exactly the most unique idea. Whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth, why not try something a bit more original? Perhaps an activity neither person has done before? (Remember what we said above!) Here are some ideas to spark up a bit of romance without making reservations.

Planning Valentine’s Day is the guy’s responsibility? Wow. No. Not even close.
The theme of these myths should be pretty clear by now, but we’ll round out this post with the following point: Valentine’s Day is about love and romance and most of the time it falls on the shoulders of the men to plan something special and not the women. Yet, most women say they would like to have a hand in planning with their partner. February 14th only comes once a year; why not work together to make it a special day and create a bond that lasts well beyond February 15th?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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