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Date Out of Your League This Spring

Dating and Education LevelsYou’ve probably heard that the cute CEO is “out of your league.” Or that you “have no chance” with the stylish gent who lives in the condo down the hall? Is it possible to change your stars? Win over the unattainable? Is it possible to “date up” or win the heart of someone who may not be in the market to be won over?

Science says . . . yes!

A recent study published by Psychological Science gives hopeless romantics a glimmer of faith that it can be done. Do you want to know the secret? It’s really simple . . . by becoming friends with the desired person.

Wait? That’s all? That’s the secret sauce for turning up the heat with a person of interest.

“If you happen to be shooting for someone ‘out of your league’ (in terms of attractiveness, at least), you may be more likely to succeed if you get to know the person for a while rather than going for it immediately,” said the study’s lead author Lucy L. Hunt of University of Texas at Austin’s School of Human Ecology.

The study also detailed more about the influence attractiveness has on relationship satisfaction. Even though couples who started dating soon after meeting were more likely to match based on attractiveness, it didn’t effect long term happiness, and neither did being friends first.

First Date Sparks?

Let’s say you show up for your first date and the sparks aren’t immediately flying. Your first instinct might be to shut down mentally and emotionally and down your drink as quickly as possible so you can get out of there. Slow down and give it a little time. The study noted, “As individuals become acquainted over time, romantic impressions become increasingly unique and less consensual.”

How to Make Friends

And what are some of the best ways to get acquainted? Things such as making someone laugh, the ability to have a great conversation and having common interests can help perceptions of people change over time.

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