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Make Your Love Life Blossom: Hire an Expert

Make Your Love Life BlossomSpring has a way of turning homeowners into gardeners. The idea of going out, digging in the dirt and growing something beautiful with just a few seeds and water can be appealing. Even to those of us who don’t know anything about gardening.

A friend of mine is keen on DIY. He believes that a bit of elbow grease is all anyone needs to turn an idea into a work of art. What he doesn’t know, he believes articles on the Internet will provide the answers. True, there is lots of advice, opinions and how-tos on the web.

What he doesn’t understand due to his lack of expertise with shrubs, is the amount of energy and time that goes into landscaping a yard. He often spends more money than he needs to in his effort to transform his backyard. He spends his evenings, weekends and down time out in the yard.

I share this story for my advice to him is the same advice I give to singles looking to grow their dating life: hire a professional.

Time and effort are the two major challenges for singles navigating the dating arena. It takes, on average, ten hours of viewing profiles, emailing strangers, phone calls and texts before 1 date with a potential match. That’s a lot for very little return. More often than not, after that one two-hour encounter, people go back home and return to square one. A lot of effort. Very little results.

To that end, many singles put a lot of pressure on themselves. They feel the need to make something that is less than spectacular work out because they don’t know when they might find someone even remotely interesting

Whether you are new to the dating scene or looking to widen your reach, a matchmaking service may be just what you need.

A matchmaker? Yes, a matchmaker. Matchmaking takes the personal legwork out of dating by outsourcing “the search” for interesting, like-minded individuals.

Matchmakers Make the Connections
These talented first date specialists connect the dots between you and a potential match. You don’t have to weigh and measure their response to see if the other person is lying or what they are really trying to say.  Unlike dating services, matchmakers do not use an algorithm to find the one for you. A matchmaker interviews every candidate, which is incredibly important these days considering the fact that many people using online dating services are actually in a relationship or not very serious about starting one. Matchmakers even arrange the dates for you, so all you have to do is show up. They take the frustration away and make it easy to meet people well worth spending your time with.

Matchmakers Allow You to Take Your Time
Using a matchmaker is like making friends with someone who has a lot of single friends. They have plenty of great matches in their database, so singles can relax and not feel rushed to make something work. They turn dating into a low-key, casual way to meet new people.

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