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Be as Objective About Dating as You are with Business

Committed to Your Job - Dating Professionals Canada MatchmakerWhen it comes to love and career, it’s all too easy to prioritize one over the other. In both case scenarios, failure to strike a balance between the two could result in putting your relationship or your job at jeopardy. The key is to find the thin line between personal and professional life in order to achieve success in both.

I know. It’s been crazy for you. You’ve had several business projects find their way to your desk, many with tight deadlines. You spend the majority of your day in meetings, traveling between Vancouver and Toronto or stuck in traffic for thirty minutes each way for your commute. Your gym card has a fine layer of dust on it. Summer is coming and you haven’t even considered how you are going to spend a long weekend much less a week away from the grind.

In short, you are in a committed relationship with your job. A growing number of Vancouver and Toronto singles are spending long hours at work behind a computer rather than meeting potential matches and developing long-term relationships.  That makes me sad.

If the above sounds like you, then you have no right to complain about your love life if you aren’t doing anything to change it or make it better. Studies have consistently shown that most people assume they don’t have time because of prior arrangements, but when time is truly broken down, the people who say, “I have too much work to do,” typically spend a majority of their time procrastinating instead.

The fact is: we all make choices in life. We all do what we want.

If you are putting in 60 hours a week in the professional department and logging zero in the love area, the right one will not find his way to your downtown Vancouver office. Your dating situation will only change if you change something you are doing daily.

Stop making excuses for yourself. Own your time by understanding you are in control of how your time is spent. Set yourself a goal of meeting at least one new person every week, much like you might set a goal for yourself at work of closing one deal every week and take the actions steps you need to reach your weekly goals.

Maximize your time at work so you can maximize your time outside of work for a more fulfilling personal life. Try not to let your work become your life as it can often times be a total turn off and make you seem boring to your date, even if you’re really a fun and adventurous person outside of work.

Just like you need to put time in at the gym to stay in shape, you have to put in the time to dating if you have any shot at meeting worthy of your time and affections. Make a commitment to yourself to create opportunities for yourself where you’re most likely to meet the kind of people you want to be meeting. This could mean attend weekly networking events or maybe even joining a book club.

Dating is work. You have to put in the hours to reap the benefits, promotions and changes in status.

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