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Dating & Decisions: Searching for the Perfect Match

Searching for the Perfect Match Vancouver Toronto MatchmakerWhile there is no such thing as the perfect person, there IS an ideal match for everyone. Scratch that. There are SEVERAL ideal matches for you. To find that special someone, you must first let go of your ideas about finding the perfect person.

Our fantasies tend to star Mr. or Mrs. Perfect and often we eliminate Mr. or Mrs. Right in the process because they don’t reveal all the perfect qualities we seek in our soul mate starring role. The older we get, the more we rationalize our way around things, and it can ultimately mean we never make a decision. We get hung up on the “what ifs” and “yeah, buts” and feel sure we know how its going to end so we never take the risk to see how it could be.

At a certain point, if you determine you really want to be in a lasting relationship, you will have to take a chance and work through the ups and downs. This doesn’t mean letting go of your deal breakers. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t have ideal qualities that you hope for in someone you date. It means that perhaps you need to re-evaluate your preferences and allow yourself to explore new people or ideas.

Don’t lose sight of the valuable lessons you have learned while immersed in the dating process. You have gain self-confidence, a stronger self of self and a better idea of what you want in a potential match. As you have gained experience, it has become easier for you to identify your soul mate when they arrive.

The best advice is to keep the faith, make sure your goals are clear, keep an open dialogue and let go of some of your rigid preferences. You will be surprised where a bit of openess will take you in the dating world.

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