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Dating . . . with a Bit of Help from Our Friends

Friends Dating Vancouver Toronto ServicesEvery new romance starts with a story. Perhaps love was kindled by a click of a mouse or a swipe of a finger. Or perhaps your story begins with a chance meeting after a missed bus.

But more than likely, it started (or will) with a bit of help from your friends.

New research, according to a recent article on Psychology Today, found that out of 62 couples interviewed for the study, most met their partner through “friends or family (25 percent), or through a shared common interest (24 percent). Others made a connection at work (16 percent), while a considerable minority (11 percent) met their partners at a bar, school or online.”

According to the article, the reason for the strength in the family and friends introduction meant the couple had support of friends, common friendship circles and compatible interests. “Even individuals who met anonymously (in a bar, online) are at an advantage if they are able to integrate each other into their social networks and find the support of family.”

While a relationship may be between two people, our connections are strengthened by the bonds we have with others. Having a cheering section in your corner will help you take positive steps forward — such as moving towards a more permanent relationship.

The key is not to get caught up in what your friends, family or co-workers think of the start to your storybook romance. Focus on the fact that you met someone wonderful — even if the start wasn’t the sweep you off your feet stuff Hollywood shows on the silver screen.  The truth of it is that we all have a different road to love. Forge your path, enjoy the scenery and relish what you have.

Know that your friends are there to make the path easier — but not to help you create it.

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