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Patience & Expectations: How Dating is Like Home Renovation

Dating Expectations Patience Vancouver Toronto Matchmaking ServiceA friend of mine, tired of the granite and dull cupboards, has decided to renovate her kitchen. When she invited contractors into her home for ideas and price estimates, she was a bit surprised by the length of time they quoted her in order to get the job done.

Thanks to reality TV and HGTV, many of us think a whole house can be renovated within a few short weeks. While we may know that what we see on television during an hour of programming isn’t real, it has changed our expectations. We want the glossy cabinetry, marble counter tops and we want them right now.

Sound familiar? From my standpoint as a matchmaker in Vancouver and Toronto, I often find myself dealing with the high expectations one has for their potential mate . . . but also for the matchmaker service.

When a client signs the check, they think the first person they meet through our service will be the one.Clients sign on with a long list of wants, have to have’s and very strict requirements that range from height to eye color to profession to favorite hockey teams. They see matchmaking as more like a factory designed to produce their ideal mate — and that person should be the first date they go on.

Just like the renovation shows that offer the impression that your dream house is created overnight, it does take time to find the right person who gets a check by all your requirements. But we also want to find someone who pulls you a bit out of the rigidity box. Although you may have your ideal mate solidified in your mind, it’s mostly fantasy at this point. We need to inject a bit of reality and some of that comes from perhaps not hitting every point dead on.

So, if you think as a matchmaker as a renovation expert, they are there to give your love life an overhaul for the long run. These things take time and patience but yields huge rewards.

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