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It’s Wedding Bells for an It’s Just Lunch Couple

Nothing warms our hearts more than to hear news of an engagement or wedding day that got it’s start over a lunch date. And on this special Friday, we share a tale of how two people met on Valentine’s Day. Read More

Ask a Matchmaker: Debunking Valentine’s Day Myths

Men usually become flustered at having to plan something for someone they may have seen only once or twice, while women worry as to whether or not they’ll receive flowers, chocolate, or even a date invitation on Valentine’s Day. But […]

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First Dates on Valentine’s Day? Absolutely!

Is Valentine’s Day a good time for a first date?
Short answer — absolutely.
One of the most loved as well as hated holidays, Valentine’s Day can be a mixed bag for singles bombarded with media images of love, mushy Facebook postings […]

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Reaching Out After Losing Touch

Have you ever met that special someone who lingers in my mind long after the first date.
Perhaps work demanded your attention or you had a family emergency that put your pursuit of love on hold. Maybe you just weren’t ready […]

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Beyond the First Six Months: Coping with the Ups & Downs

How do we survive the hills and valleys after the first six months of bliss? We have a few suggestions! Read More