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Patience & Expectations: How Dating is Like Home Renovation

So, if you think as a matchmaker as a renovation expert, they are there to give your love life an overhaul for the long run. These things take time and patience but yields huge rewards. Read More
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Use Your Strengths to Pave the Way to a First Date

Let’s be honest—dating can feel pretty awkward at times. Make the whole process a little more comfortable and a little less stressful by playing to your strengths. Read More

Don’t Wait! Put Yourself Out There in 2016

How do you approach your dating life? Do you take advantage of the chances opportunity throws your way? Or do you want quietly on the sidelines for someone to take notice of you and all the gifts your have to […]

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Working on You is the Easiest Way to Find the One

After all the quick fixes, top five lists and products that promise to win your next date over, I have come to realize that the answer isn’t out there to be read, bought or used. It’s in you. Read More

Reaching Out After Losing Touch

Have you ever met that special someone who lingers in my mind long after the first date.
Perhaps work demanded your attention or you had a family emergency that put your pursuit of love on hold. Maybe you just weren’t ready […]

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