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Dating Tips for Surviving the Holidays as a New Couple

Entering the holidays as a new couple can be stressful. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the mind field of the holidating season and get back to a place of peace and joy. Read More

Language of Love: Questions That Ruin a First Date

We’ve all been in the hot seat and know from experience that it only takes one question or comment to plummet the first date down the rabbit hole and beyond recovery. Here’s a list of conversation killers for your next […]

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Be Specific: Tips for Asking Someone Out

You’ve spent the entire evening at the new art gallery opening chatting with someone you dig. Or perhaps you have finally mustered the courage to ask your favorite barista out for something other than your “usual.” Perhaps you are feeling […]

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Summer Date Ideas

“Summer lovin’, had me a blast
Summer lovin’, happened so fast
Met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days drifting away
To, uh oh, those summer nights”
— “Summer Nights” from Grease
Long days, warm nights and that special someone. […]

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Beyond the First Date: What Happens on the Second Date?

EEEEK! You both enjoyed the first encounter to the point that you’ve agreed to see each other again. While you  feel slightly relieved that your dating life may be coming together, there’s  residual anxieties about your second date. Perhaps even […]

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