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Patience & Expectations: How Dating is Like Home Renovation

So, if you think as a matchmaker as a renovation expert, they are there to give your love life an overhaul for the long run. These things take time and patience but yields huge rewards. Read More

Dating Tip: Seek a Match with a Curious Streak

So, how do you know if the person sitting across from you in the cafe is the one for you? Turns out, there is one character trait that stands out above the rest as being a true test of relationship […]

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Dating . . . with a Bit of Help from Our Friends

How did you meet your partner? Every romance starts with a story — and most begin with a little help from our friends. Read More

Up Your Dating Happiness: The 2 for 1 Rule

Sometimes our thoughts are so automatic that we don’t realize when it has started down Judgement Road. But there is one thing that can help shift gears to a more positive path. Read More

Why Getting Your Haircut is Like Dating

Dating and haircuts can seem like a chore but there are ways to make the best of each that will enhance your self-image. Read More