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Ideals vs Deal Breakers & Why You Need Both in Dating

There’s a reason why I ask each of my clients to describe their ideal mate. Knowing what you want and who you’re looking for helps you find the right person — not the right now person. Read More

Dating & Decisions: Searching for the Perfect Match

While there is no such thing as the perfect person, there IS an ideal match for everyone. Scratch that. There are SEVERAL ideal matches for you. To find that special someone, you must first let go of your ideas about […]

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Up Your Dating Happiness: The 2 for 1 Rule

Sometimes our thoughts are so automatic that we don’t realize when it has started down Judgement Road. But there is one thing that can help shift gears to a more positive path. Read More

Back-To-Dating Checklist from the Toronto and Vancouver Matchmakers

There’s something nostalgic about this back-to-school time of year..newly sharpened pencils, binders in all your favorite colors, old friends and new friends. Back in the day, your mom probably took you shopping for new clothes, and you stocked up on […]

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How to Date a Dog Lover

Think romance has gone to the dogs? You might be right. According to the 2014 Canadian Pet Market Outlook, 35 per cent of Canadian households own dogs which equates to 5.9 million households. Don’t be surprised then if you run into […]

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